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Ethos and approch to neurodivergence

I am a keen advocate of creating an inclusive, neurodivergent-affirming, therapy experience.  ​I work from the basis that neurodivergence is a difference rather than a 'problem' or 'deficit'.  I do not believe that it is a flaw, or something that needs 'fixing', but understand that having differences can bring unique challenges.


It may be tough making sense of a diagnosis in later life, living in a world that can lack understanding of differences, or coming up against stressful or traumatic life experiences.


If you are neurodivergent, or believe yourself to be (e.g., autistic, ADHD) my approach is:


  • To tailor therapy to your unique strengths and difficulties, just as I would hope to with any person I work with.

  • To not make any assumptions based on your diagnosis - I work on a person by person basis to explore the expression and experience of neurodivergence for you as an individual.

  • Consider things like sensory differences, how we communicate and share information, how we do therapy, and even where we do therapy (e.g., walk & talk therapy).

  • If you have a diagnosis (or suspect you may be neurodivergent) and want to explore what this means for you, I offer space for this.

You can find more broad information on what therapy involves here.

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