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I work with adults (18 +) providing individually tailored psychological therapy. Some common experiences that I work with are listed below.  I also work with people who are feeling more generally stuck, are unsure of why things don't feel right, and would like to understand their experiences better and seek a way forward. 

  • Anxiety (e.g., generalised anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, panic, social anxiety)

  • Trauma and navigating difficult past experiences (e.g., PTSD, attachment difficulties, C-PTSD)

  • Low self-esteem / self-criticism 

  • Work and life stress (including burnout)

  • Grief, loss, and life transitions

  • Low mood

  • Understanding and navigating neurodivergence (e.g., autism, adhd)

  • Specialist support for long-term pain conditions (e.g., fibromyalgia, hEDS).

*please note, I am unable to offer support to those experiencing a mental health crisis (including self-harm, or suicidal planning), if you require urgent care please contact your GP or call NHS 111. If you feel yourself, or others, may be at risk of harm please attend A&E or call the emergency services.

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What I can help with

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What to expect


I offer a free 15 minute discussion (phone or online) to decide if you would like to work with me and if I have the right skill set for you.  

After the initial call, if we decide to work together, we will begin to meet regularly.  Our first sessions will be around assessing and understanding what has brought you to therapy and your goals. We will likely spend time exploring your experiences (perhaps identifying what things might be keeping your difficulties going, where they might have come from etc.) and history. 

We will then continue to work together to support you in reaching your goals, through talking and exploring evidence-based therapy approaches. Dependent on what has brought you to therapy, we may explore important parts of your life story, the past, present, and future, your thoughts and emotions, your relationships, and perhaps how you feel physically. We might building new coping skills, try out guided practices, develop new ways to look at life, or spend time processing trauma.

Therapy sessions are primarily offered online at present - although in some cases I may be able to offer ad-hoc sessions in-person if our work calls for it.

I am trained in a range of evidence-based therapies and tailor and integrate approaches dependent on your needs, drawing on what will be helpful for you. First and foremost, I aim to build a non-judgemental and compassionate space, where sometimes difficult, often courageous, and hopefully transformative conversations can take place.

Some of the approaches I am trained in are listed below if you are interested:

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Third-Wave CBT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) & Compassion-Focused Therapy) & CBT

  • Mindfulness

  • Narrative and Attachment-Informed 

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Therapy Approaches

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Therapy is typically charged at £90 per session but may vary dependent on the type of work we are doing. Sessions are 1 hour. Some therapies may require longer appointments, which we would always discuss beforehand.

* I offer a limited number of discounted rate therapy sessions on a sliding scale for those on a low income. I cannot guarantee this facility but please contact me to discuss further. 

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